Roles within a meeting

Toastmaster of the Morning is the master of ceremonies for the meeting. They ensure that the meeting is run to the agenda schedule and to time. They run the meeting and introduce speakers and evaluators.

Table Topics Master is responsible for presenting the topics for impromptu speaking which helps speakers improve their listening and speaking abilities. The topics master will present prepared questions so members can develop their ability to deliver impromptu responses.

Speakers will present prepared speeches. There are usually 3 to 5 speakers. Each individual is working through a particular speaking manual, which could be a Competent Communications manual for new members or the Advance Communication Series, for the more experienced speakers. The speaker is required to meet certain project objectives with each speech. These objectives are designed to gradually build upon the speakers’ skills, concentrating on areas such as - Organisation, gestures, time management and voice and then developing these skills.

General Evaluator is responsible for giving feedback on all aspects of the meeting including pre-meeting organisation, the Toastmaster, the grammarian, the Timer and speech evaluators. They evaluate what these speakers did well and provide feedback on areas for improvement.
Table Topics Evaluator is responsible for evaluating the table topics master and the people who spoke during the impromptu Table Topics session. They report on what the speakers did well and provide feedback on areas for improvement. 

Speech Evaluators are responsible for evaluating one the prepared speeches. This is done both in a verbal and written format. They report on what the speaker did well and provide feedback on areas where they feel the speaker could improve.

Grammarian selects a word of the day, explains its use and encourages members to expand their vocabulary by using it. They also note interesting grammar used and any umm's and ah's during the meeting. 

Timer times the meeting including each session and each speaker. This keeps the meeting running on time and to the agenda. At the Toastmasters request they provide reports to members throughout the meeting.

Sergeant at Arms ensures that the room is set up and standard items are ready for the meeting, greets members and guest, collects dues for breakfast, meals are organised and the meeting starts on time.